Why Choose Avaya?

At the Centre of every business is a dependable communication system that facilitates the transmission of vital information across the established telecommunication networks.

Why Choose an Avaya IP Office Telephone System?

At the Centre of every business is a dependable communication system that facilitates the transmission of vital information across the established telecommunication networks. This doesn’t have to be external communications but can also be internal company dialogues that will be essential to keeping your business in good health. In this particular article, we will be covering the Avaya IP Office telephone system, one of the best office telephone solutions available in the market at the moment.

Are you searching for a fully scalable, efficient and cost-effective phone system that will increase your productivity and professionally manage all of the communications for your business? If so, then you might be interested in all of the many benefits that the Avaya IP Office telephone system can provide your company with.

Flexible & Scalable

Communication systems in the past had a fixed design. That meant that you could end up having to pay for capacity and features that you didn’t use or need. What’s so nice about the Avaya IP Office telephone system is that it recognises that each company has its needs. You can design the IP500 system to use just the number of handsets, feature and lines that you need, which is a solution that is much more efficient than offerings were in the past.

The Avaya IP Office telephone system allows you to scale to as many as 1,000 users with one control unit, which provides you with a reliable phone system solution that gives your business added flexibility. License activation will enable you to expand your system without needing extra hardware, which will eliminate the need to spend a lot of money and time on buying new equipment.

Also, it is very scalable. In the past, if you wanted to be able to enjoy the benefits that advanced features offered, you had to buy additional expensive software packages. Many smaller businesses were priced out of having access to many useful functions on their new phone systems. However, the pricing model offered by Avaya enables you to purchase software on a per user basis, which brings the price down to a much more affordable level so that businesses of all sizes can have access to the advanced features.

why choose avaya?


When it comes to the engineering, after having worked with numerous other systems in the past that were not-so-friendly, IP Office is very easy to install and also configure. That saves you a lot of time when installing the system, which means you will have more time to spend on training users how to use the new system and making sure that they are completely happy and confident with it. The easy to use and clear system administration tool interface gives customers access so that directory and name changes can be made as needed while at the same time user accounts are locked down so that no harm is done to the system. It is also quite easy to support the system, so that if you have any issues, they can be resolved quickly and without a lot of disruption. With earlier IP Office versions, just simply wanting to make a name change would require you to reboot the system. However, now only network settings and other major changes require you to restart before they go into effect.

Added Value

Built in voicemail is offered at no extra cost. Also, license-activate functionality provides you with mobility and IM features, meet-me, and video, call recording, UVR and unified messaging without having to pay for extra hardware.

Stronger Device Integration

The built-in mobility solutions from the Avaya IP Office telephone system fully supports Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and iOS devices, which means that users can bring in whatever laptop, tablet or phone they have and seamlessly integrate it into your business network.

Desktop Application Integration

Since users can access the one-x Portal thin client control application for Avaya IP Office via the internet, it isn’t necessary to install any software on the user’s computer. This web feature means that limitations are eliminated, and users can access the functions that it offers from any supported device with internet access. There are also web plugins available for Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook that offer a more all around streamlined communications experience.

Flexible Phones

The Avaya IP Office telephone system offers more than 20 different desktop phone models, which all cater to particular preferences. That’s why it’s so easy to select the ideal phone for each user. The solution fully supports SIP, IP, digital and analogue phones, which makes it a sound investment for the future of your business.


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