Vodia - The Open API VoIP Platform

Why vodia? A business phone number has always been and continues to be a must-have for businesses. The phone system is brought into the modern office using Vodia PBX. It was created to meet the needs of today’s business, where employees must be able to interact effectively with both internal and external partners over the phone.


The Hosted Vodia platform integrates with Microsoft Teams out of the box. MS Teams users can dial out using the Teams interface whilst still benefiting from a sophisticated back-end PBX! This seamless integration can streamline the applications staff have to use and lowers cost compared to using Microsoft Teams Calling Plans… Win-Win! 

  • Vodia’s completely open API allows you to integrate your phone system with pretty much any piece of software such as your CRM or Database. This flexibility ensures you can link together your telephone system and day to day business application which will improve the customer/employee satisfaction and experience! 


  • Vodia supports integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot and Zoho out of the box but do not worry if you do not use any of these CRM’s as a Solutions Expert from Intouch Communication can offer a bespoke integration solution just for you! 

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