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Want to make it seem like your office phone is in another country or somewhere else in the UK? Well, the Virtual numbers service is for you!

virtual numbers

UK or International Virtual Numbers - Choose Any Area Code in the Uk and Choose from 100+ International Numbers

Intouch Communications has partnerships with the leading carriers across the UK and the Globe.

Choose from any area code in the UK (01/02/03/07/08) and 100+ different international telephone numbers.

Where do we cover?

We provide premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile, and toll-free virtual numbers. Virtual numbers are readily available in our stock and may be immediately activated by using our web portal or via the API. Key reasons to buy virtual numbers from Intouch Communications:


  • We provide the largest coverage of local, mobile, national, and toll-free virtual numbers. Currently, we cover 80 countries and 4521 area codes worldwide.
  • We ensure a large inventory of virtual numbers in every country and area code covered by Intouch Communications.
  • Licensed as a telecom operator or partner with a licensed operator directly in every country in which we provide virtual numbers.
  • Flexible capacity options give you maximum simultaneous call efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your voice services. Intouch offers both flat-rate and metered voice channels to suit your inbound calling patterns.
  • Strong telecom experience and extensive knowledge of international regulations and carrier relations.

Get International Phone Numbers


Operate your call centre. Anywhere.

Your call center no longer has to be geographically bound!

Instantly acquire international numbers from over 100+ different countries. Expand your customer base without having to move your offices!

Local Phone Numbers in International Destinations allow your customers to reach your staff and still be charged at their local in-country rates.

Uk or International Virtual Numbers Local Caller ID Presentation

Our International Calling Service goes one step further than the majority of telecom providers.

Your UK or International Virtual Numbers will appear as a TRUE local number when dialing into the same country code.

For example, if you are calling Germany with a Berlin Phone Number: +4930312227800

Your Caller ID will appear in Germany on the receiver’s end as 030312227800.

This feature is extremely helpful in increasing your international outbound answer rates for example as people are less likely to think you are outside of the country using a virtual number resulting in a higher pickup rate.

People can dial back their locally presented phone number and it will route back through to whatever SIP device they are logged into such as a desk phone, mobile app, or PC softphone app.

virtual numbers

Elevate And Save With HD Calling

Super Quick setup, easy to use and starts at just £4.99 per number

Virtual Numbers FAQs

A virtual number is a phone number that isn’t physically connected to a calling service or phone line. Virtual numbers typically route incoming calls to previously configured mobile, landline, or VoIP phone numbers that are connected to particular calling devices. Depending on their demands, business professionals can choose to have one or many virtual numbers route to a single phone or a number of phones.

Maintaining a professional image can depend on having a distinct phone number (or numbers) for your business, but for many sorts of enterprises, lugging around two mobile devices or being confined to a desk just isn’t convenient or cost-effective. You can maintain communication for work-related issues while preserving personal communications on the same platform with the use of a virtual phone number. Additionally, using virtual numbers can help you strategically. For instance, when choosing phone numbers to represent your company, you might opt for those with area codes in which you want to conduct business in order to foster ties with local clients and potential customers.

You must configure your virtual numbers to route to phone numbers that are specifically associated with calling devices, such as your cell phone. For the setup procedure, the virtual number supplier often has a portal. For instance, setting this up using Cloud Phone only requires a few minutes.

Callers will be able to reach you through that number at that device once the virtual number is configured to forward to your preferred calling device. Depending on the objectives of your virtual number strategy, the call will often be forwarded to a different voicemail that you may set up with the appropriate message if you don’t answer it.

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