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real time TPS And CTPS Checker

Instantly check whether a number is on the TPS or CTPS list. 

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What is TPS/CTPS?

The telephone preference service (TPS) is a database of consumers (including sole traders and partnerships, except in Scotland) who have dictated that they do not want to receive unwanted direct marketing calls. The company telephone preference service (CTPS) is a business-oriented version of this.

Problems businesses have staying compliant

The issue with people signing up to the TPS/CTPS register is that it can directly impact companies that must often make sales calls. It prevents them from having access to a lot of potential customers, but also if they do call numbers registered with TPS/CTPS they could potentially get fined up to £6,500 per call. You also cannot have the excuse that you were not aware that you needed to check your data first, especially if your company is incorporated around telesales/telemarketing as you are expected to know the laws given the industry you are in.

So how can you avoid these fines?

Take the stress away from having to check the TPS or CTPS registered database each month

Our Real Time TPS & CTPS Checker Solution

We offer a solution for you here at Intouch, which we call our Compliance+ solution (Real Time TPS & CTPS Checker) which checks the call on TPS & CTPS registers in the back end of the phone system at the same time are making the outgoing call. 

Our TPS and CTPS over-the-phone checkers stop 100,000+ possible fines each month. Before asking to confirm making the call, our over-the-phone checker will tell you if the number you are dialing is registered with TPS and CTPS and gives you the option to proceed if there is a legitimate reason to proceed such as a requested callback.

That’s all there is to it.

Real Time TPS & CTPS Checker

Key Features of Real Time TPS and CTPS Checker


For their number to appear on the registry, customers must wait 28 days from the date of registration. This is not to indicate that it will take 28 days for the number to appear on the TPS system. The 28-day restriction is there to give businesses time to upgrade their systems and put the adjustments in place.  

TPS stands for telephone preference service whereas CTPS stands for corporate telephone preference service. An individual employee or sole trader may register with TPS while a company might register on the CTPS list.  

If you call numbers on the TPS or CTPS list, you might face a fine of up to £500,000. The Information Commissioner Office (ICO) oversees enforcing the rules and will decide what punishments should be meted out if they are broken. Up to £500,000 in fines may be imposed by them.

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