TPS And CTPS Real Time Checker

What is TPS/CTPS?

The telephone preference service (TPS) is a database of consumers (including sole traders and partnerships, except in Scotland) who have dictated that they do not want to receive unwanted direct marketing calls. The company telephone preference service (CTPS) is a business- oriented version of this.

Problems businesses have staying compliant

The issue with people signing up to the TPS/CTPS register is that it can directly impact companies who must often make sales calls. It prevents them from having access to a lot of potential customers, but also if they do call numbers registered with TPS/CTPS they could potentially get fired up to £6,500 per call.

So how can you avoid these fines?

Our Solution

We offer a solution for you here at Intouch, which we call our Compliance+ solution.

TPS and CTPS over the phone checkers are available from Intouch to assist you and help you avoid those fines. Before asking to confirm making the call, our over-the-phone checker will tell you if the number you are dialling is registered with TPS and CTPS.

That’s all there is to it.

Take the stress away from having to check the TPS registered calls monthly.

TPS/CTPS Checker

Key Features

  • We can connect to any phone system or set up a phone system for you.

  • Before you make the call, the system double-checks the number in our database.

  • bullet point for TPS/CTPS

    If the phone number is on the register, the system will ask if you want to go ahead with the call.

  • bullet point for TPS/CTPS

    If you continue, you will be prompted for a reason code, such as that call is an emergency.

  • bullet point for TPS/CTPS

    Monthly or weekly reports included.

Commonly asked questions:

What happens if someone is on the TPS list?

Companies are prohibited from making such calls to TPS registered phone numbers by law. Companies that are reported to the TPS for violating the regulation are listed in a monthly report delivered to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the enforcement body.

How much can you be fined?

You can be fined up to £6,500 per call if you are reported for calling someone on the TPS/CTPS register.

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