Stoneleigh Surgery

Stoneleigh Surgery

Stoneleigh Surgery were prescribed a Cloud Phone System to properly assist their patients

Stoneleigh Surgery

who is stoneleigh?

Stoneleigh Surgery is a practice in Epsom. They work tirelessly to offer a professional service and aim to provide the highest quality standards of care whilst remaining friendly and efficient.

how we helped

Intouch implemented a sophisticated cloud phone system that times 5’d the channels available on the system allowing patients to wait in a call queuing service with an indication of what position they are in the queue. We separated the inbound and outbound service so the Doctors will always have a line to dial out from as this is the highest priority at Stoneleigh Surgery. We immediately instructed BT to come to the site as soon as possible to install a Superfast FTTP connection. This connection was 10 x the speeds available and was now fit for purpose broadband for both Voice and Data traffic. As the cloud phone system, we installed was so flexible and reliable, staff is now able to use iOS, Android, Windows & MAC applications to use the phone system from home. This ensures all communication goes through one platform and it allows the practice to monitor calls via the logs and voice all recordings for patient calls.

what was the impact?

The patient and staff experience has improved massively, and we will continue to provide a completely managed service allowing the surgery to carry on delivering an excellent service. Stoneleigh surgery has never looked back since contacting Intouch Communications


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