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HD Calls Across the UK and International

Make and receive telephone calls using SIP Trunking which is essentially internet phone lines that connect to your phone system or SIP device, the phone system or SIP device requires an internet connection to connect to the SIP trunking. Our SIP trunking service provides HD inbound and outbound calling services alongside telephone number supply for any 01/02/03/07/08 UK Numbers or Numbers across 100+ International Destinations.

Intouch has spent a long time building up a relationship with the best providers across the globe, especially in the UK. We have tried and tested all the leading providers and can comfortably say we offer an unmatched HD call quality experience with a Service Level Agreement of 99.99% for inbound up-time and 99.999% for outbound up-time.

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Pay As You Grow

Pay for the outbound minutes
£ 3
  • HD Lines for both Inbound & Outbound
  • 1.5 per minute to UK 01/02/03 Landlines
  • 4.5 per minute to UK 07 GSM Mobiles
  • Unlimited Inbound minutes included
  • 1 channel of an inbound or outbound call

Unlimited Caller UK

Unlimited outbound UK minutes
£ 9
  • HD lines for both Inbound & Outbound
  • Unlimited Calls to UK 01/02/03 Landlines
  • Unlimited calls to UK 07 GSM mobiles
  • Unlimited inbound minutes included
  • 1 Channel for inbound and one channel for outbound

Unlimited International

Unlimited international minutes
£ 19
  • Unlimited Calling: Austria, Belgium, France + more
  • HD Lines for both inbound & outbound
  • Unlimited Calls to UK 01/02/03 Landlines
  • Unlimited Calls to UK 07 GSM Mobiles
  • 1 Channel for inbound and one channel for outbound

get a HD Call experience in place for your customers

SUPER quick set up, easy to use and starts at just £3.99 per month

The Main Advantage to Our SIP Trunking

Scalability – Increase or decrease capacity as needed. Set up and manage an infinite number of non-geographic UK or International phone numbers with flexibility.

Savings — Extremely more cost-effective than paying for ISDN line rental. In the event of a disaster, call redirection is instantaneous. Multi-site telephony may be made more efficient by rationalising your telephony and reducing the number of PBXs across different locations.

Reliability – Each of our Inbound and Outbound Carriers has multiple Points of Presence around the world for HD local calling and auto-failover if required.

"Pleasant and Professional"

We have been extremely happy with the service from Intouch Communications. We thought changing our phone system was going to be such a headache, but they made the purchase and installation of our CallFlight 3CX telephone system a very pleasant experience and were professional throughout.

Kayla Tochia

Foenix Partners

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