On Hold Marketing

On Hold Marketing

Simple, smart, and affordable with instant setup & award-winning care – ideal for freelancers, startups & small businesses.

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Telephone hold music

What is the best hold music for your business? Choose from a range of styles from calm, slow-paced tunes to more energetic tracks. Remember your telephone hold music could be your customer’s first experience of your company so be sure to go through all the options and pick the best hold music for your needs.

On hold marketing voice options

Choosing the right voice for your on-hold marketing is just as important. Choose your favourite voice to deliver your messages on hold from our selection of male and female voice-over artists. On-hold marketing can be more than just sales, it’s also an opportunity to provide your customers with important information.

On Hold Marketing fAQS

You can play recorded messages to your callers while they are on hold. You can tell your callers where they stand in the queue, information about the business, and special offers.  

When your lines are busy, using on-hold messages is a great method to keep callers waiting. When callers are placed on hold in silence, 75% of them will hang up after 60 seconds, compared to staying on hold for more than 3 minutes when they are given information. 

Your call volume will determine how long you’re on-hold messages are. A fair rule of thumb would be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. But keep in mind that consumers don’t want to hear the same message over, so strive to have a diversity of messages and calls to action. 

Using a business like Intouch Communications is the simplest method to begin using on hold marketing. In audio marketing, we are professionals. We can build a personalised welcome message for your company that will immediately give the caller a sense of positivity and professionalism. 

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