Managed Cyber Security

Managed Cyber Security

Managed Cyber Security

We’ll make sure your company has the defences in place to fend against cyberthreats, and we’ll train your team on how to recognise them.

managed cyber security, cyber security

Managed Cyber Security Solutions Designed for sme's

Every organisation faces the possibility of falling victim to one of the growing number of cyberattacks. We can assist organisations of every size in defending against cyberattacks thanks to our comprehensive range of cyber security products.

Protect your business today

Explore how our Managed Cyber Security services can help protect your business
managed cyber security, cyber security

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Protect your business today

How we can help protect your business

We can use a wide range of hardware, software, and apps to help you defend your company.

Managed antivirus with integrated ransomware defence

Cybersecurity education

Encryption for all files on the drive

Managed firewalls that use both software and hardware

365 days a year of continuous infrastructure monitoring

24/7 monitoring of the dark web

DNS and advanced content filtering

Management of two-factor authentication

Protection against phishing and modern email security

Updates and patch management automation

Managed Cyber Security FAQs

In order to monitor and manage security tools, systems, and even software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, cybersecurity service providers offer managed security services (MSS).

  • Round the Clock Service. 
  • Rapid Response. 
  • There When Things Get Rough. 
  • Continual Support. 
  • Proactive not Reactive Security. 
  • Third-party Partnerships Maintained. 
  • Realistic Budget.

The hiring organisation can concentrate on security governance rather than administrative duties thanks to MSSPs’ assurance that enterprise IT is always informed about the status of security concerns, audits, and maintenance.

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