Local Presence Dialling

What is Local Presence Dialling?

The premise is simple: a local number on caller ID equals trust and trustworthiness, which leads to greater consumer pick up rates.

When using Local Presence, the number being used to make the call will be visible in the top right corner of your dialler.

Local Presence Dialling shows real local phone numbers and intelligently routes call-backs to the appropriate agent.

Problems businesses face without Local Presence Dialling

When you do not use Local Presence you are more at risk of your calls getting ignored.

People are more likely to answer a call that is local to them. Therefore, a lot of businesses are experiencing declines in sales traffic becuase their calls are not being answered.

There is such an easy fix for this problem and we at Intouch have the best solution for you, so you can boost your connections in no time.

Our Solution

Here at Intouch, we have a connection+ solution that we offer. This enables you to call anywhere while utilising a local number for the destination.

People are more likley to pick up th ephone if caller ID displays a familiar area code, therefore this will improve sales.


Key Features


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Intouch Communications replaced our old dated system with a new Hosted Solution. Since we installed the new Callflight VoIP solution we have seen an increase in staff productivity as a result of smoother, faster communication between the Optimus offices, along with a vast reduction in maintenance costs.
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