Our experts here at Intouch have all the knowledge in all areas of internet to find the best one for you in your location, whether that be a rural area or city. We have a 24/7 dedicated support team to help guide you.


‘VoIP’ stands for ‘voice over internet protocol,’ which is what Hosted VoIP solutions are. A VoIP phone service is one that uses the internet instead of a traditional phone connection to deliver phone service. A VoIP phone, often known as an IP phone, is used to place VoIP calls. Hosted simply means that the VoIP provider maintains the hardware and PBX (Private Branch eXchange) off-site, away from the location where the VoIP telephone system is used.

As well as telephone systems, Intouch offer a wide range of internet solutions. Our dedicated expert agents have researched and investigated the best internet solution for your area. The solutions are often standard fibre internet connections through Openreach, Virgin Media or TalkTalk but can also range from both 4G and 5G routers with antennas that can be used for both built up and rural areas and 10GB leased lines directly from your local exchange into your business.


Intouch provides services for small business 40Mb internet connections right through right through to 10Gb connections. The option of providing 4G and 5G internet routers where BT cannot provide a suitable broadband so you can stay connected. This is a fully managed service from installation to ongoing support and maintenance. Customers can feel comfortable knowing they will only have contact with Intouch and not the provider. 99.99% uptime available. Intouch communications provide expert knowledge to find the correct internet solution for your business. We have a highly trained industry- leading support team to ensure each customer is supported should there ever be a shortage issue. Intouch communications are also a fully independent telecommunications company, meaning, we are not confined to just one specific solution – this also means there are ‘back-up’ solutions available if there are any issues so you can always be connected.

Leased Lines

Here at Intouch we are dedicated to providing the best internet for our customers and their business.


Fibre Broadband

At Intouch we have multiple suppliers to meet your fibre broadband needs


Mobile Internet

This service is beneficial when fibre broadband is not available


We offer services including Leased Lines, Fibre Broadband, Mobile Internet, and Guest Wi-Fi.

Fast and dependable Internet support, both remote and onsite, for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We offer expert advice and strategic recommendations to help you achieve your company objectives.

Intouch provides services for small business 40Mb internet connections right through right through to 10Gb connections



5* rated reviews on Google and Trust Pilot
Intouch Communications replaced our old dated system with a new Hosted Solution. Since we installed the new Callflight VoIP solution we have seen an increase in staff productivity as a result of smoother, faster communication between the Optimus offices, along with a vast reduction in maintenance costs.
Neil Livingstone ~ Optimus Search

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