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Accelerate your business with fast, reliable internet access from Intouch. 

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Connecting businesses to customers

To get started you just need an internet connection and your device, it is that quick and easy. Connect and collaborate work in a protected and accommodating way, all in one virtual phone system for you and your teams.

You will never need to worry about choosing the correct plan or feature for your business as they are all there and set up ready for you to save the hassle and with 24/7 help and support from InTouch, you will never feel the need to be concerned. Now that the phone System is connected with Teams it allows you to use any Mac, PC, or mobile device into a phone that can utilize your Business Voice phone number for a more professional look.

This is a replacement for historical telephony providers and in-house phone systems that can be tough and high-priced to handle. You can currently set up toll and toll-free numbers and call menus to assist callers to speak to the right staff member or department, audio conferencing so you can organize meetings with anyone, and more. You can now also give people their private phone numbers so they can get calls directly and easily.

Features and benefits

Intouch provides services for small businesses 40Mb internet connections right through to 10Gb connections. The option of providing 4G and 5G internet routers where BT cannot provide suitable broadband so you can stay connected. This is a fully managed service from installation to ongoing support and maintenance. Customers can feel comfortable knowing they will only have contact with Intouch and not the provider. 99.99% uptime available. Intouch communications provide expert knowledge to find the correct internet solution for your business. We have a highly trained industry-leading support team to ensure each customer is supported should there ever be a shortage issue. Intouch communications are also a fully independent telecommunications company, meaning, we are not confined to just one specific solution – this also means there are ‘backup’ solutions available if there are any issues so you can always be connected.

Internet, business internet

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With faster download and upload speeds, greater dependability, and technical assistance, business broadband is an internet connectivity option that is based on well-known residential infrastructure and is therefore better suited for home and hybrid working. 

Ethernet is the industry standard for wired connections between computers on a network. In contrast to Wi-Fi, which is a wireless connection, a cable is obviously needed to connect your device to the network since it is a wired connection. In comparison to some other connectivity options, ethernet solutions for organisations can offer dependable connections that are inexpensive and straightforward to set up. 

Internet download speeds of 10 Mbps are approximately 10 megabits per second, and upload speeds are up to 1 megabit per second. Accordingly, it will take 8 seconds for a 10 MB file to load. This speed operates over a DSL internet connection with a specific IP address, making it perfect for small firms with few employees.

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