Inbound Contact Centre

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Help customers from anywhere at any time on any channel.

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Smarter Service

Transform customer and employees experiences through intelligent routing, conversational AI, agent assistance, and insights & analytics.

Company Collaboration

Simplify business communications with a single unified tool for all interactions.

Empowered Agents

Provide agents with AI tools to enhance engagement and solve customer problems. Simplify forecasting, and scheduling, and monitor agent performance.

Performance Insights

Measure contact center performance with enhanced analytics to drive contact centre improvements.

Intelligent Inbound Call Routing

When a customer phones into your organisation, our Intelligent Call Routing can automatically try to prioritise the routing to the agent they spoke to on their previous call.

When the agent receives the call, they will see all the notes and info regarding that customer as the smart Softphone will be linked to your existing database or CRM.

inbound contact centre

Seamless inbound contact centre 

Connect on any channel

Deliver a better customer experience with smart routing

If a customer switches channels during an encounter, such as from a live agent to a bot or a voice call from a digital interaction, maintain a single customer identification regardless of how they connect with you.

Connect customers to the best available resource

Create queues based on the language, agent expertise, or even particular channels. Automate and enable intelligent self-service. With automatic callback, call abandonment is decreased.

Enable a better agent experience with a unified tool for all interactions

To make customer involvement simpler, give agents access to a single point of contact for all conversations that are accessible from anywhere and on any device.

business phone systems uk, inbound contact centre

Free your agents to work from anywhere

Empowered Agents

Keep agents happy, engaged, and productive

Optimize everyone’s schedule

Your contact center team’s schedule should be planned and managed by traffic patterns, vacations, and training.

Stay on top of service quality

Screen and voice recording, speech and text analytics, feedback forms, and fair agent scoring let you keep an eye on performance.

See what’s working in real time

You can analyse sentiment, find brand advocates and detractors, view trending themes, spot patterns, and more with analytics for every encounter to enhance the customer experience.

inbound contact centre, business contact centre
inbound contact centre

Company Collaboration

Keep important conversations in one place

Connect with product experts across the organization

Reach out to SMEs throughout the entire organisation to resolve problems more quickly using a common directory, bidirectional presence synchronisation, and phone transfer/conferencing.

Engage hybrid and remote agents

With Intouch Communications video meetings, you can individually or in groups coach and teach both local and distant personnel.

Keep key stakeholders informed

Configure automated alerts and notifications to be sent to specific Intouch Communications messaging channels.

The Business Value of Intouch's Contact Center


Increase in customer satisfaction


Increase in employee satisfaction


Increase in average revenue per agent


Decrease in cost to serve


Increase in revenue growth rate


Increase in first contact resolution

Tailor every experience

Integrate popular CRMs to personalize service for customers. Automatically surface purchase history, past interactions, ticket status, and more. Get the full picture and connect to any proprietary CRM or other back-end systems.

Free your agents to work from anywhere

Inbound Contact Centre fAQS

Customers’ incoming calls are answered by an inbound call center. Since calls to inbound centers frequently come from existing customers with problems or inquiries, support employees usually keep an eye on them.  

  • Technical support 
  • Inbound sales 
  • Support service 
  • Compliants
  • Billing

Interactive voice response (IVR) is typically used to process and sort incoming calls before either handling them directly or routing them to the proper agent or division. Call center tools may be used by agents to enhance and streamline their answering services. Once the call has been connected, everything must be done to handle it as smoothly as possible. 

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