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First of all, let’s find out what a VoIP service is. A VoIP service as powerful as the HVS VoIP system we offer can make a massive impact on the efficiency and productivity of a company. We will explore all the HVS VoIP System Features. For a business, VoIP may represent one of the best investments that could be made. The features and functions of our VoIP systems and the associated software and interfaces are described below. How could they benefit your business?

HVS VoIP System Features

Auto Attendant*

HVS Softphone*
(for PC, laptop, IOS, and Android devices)

Automatic Hold/Retrieve

HVS Toolbar* (For enhanced call control)

Barge-in Exempt

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Basic Call Logs

External Calling Line ID Delivery

Busy Lamp Field

Fax to email*

Call Forwarding Always

Flash Call Hold

Call Forwarding No Answer

Group Paging

Call Forwarding Not Reachable

Hotelling Guest (hot desk log in)

Call Forwarding Selective

Hotelling Host
(phone which a use can hot desk from)

Call Notify

Hunt Group

Call Park

Internal Calling Line ID Delivery

Call Pickup

Last Number Redial

Call Queuing* (in the cloud)

Music On Hold

Call Recording*

Outlook Integration

Call Return

Priority Alert

Call Transfer

Professional Training*

Call Waiting

Push to Talk

Calling Name Retrieval

Remote Office

Connected Line Identification Presentation

Selective Call Acceptance

Connected Line Identification Restriction

Selective Call Rejection

CTI/CRM Integration*

Sequential Ring

HVS Anywhere (Link DDI to mobile phone)

Shared Call Appearance

HVS Receptionist Console*
(web- max 30 extensions)

Speed Dial 100 Entries

Three-way Call*

Voicemail (includes voicemail to email)

Web Portal (user or administrator)

* Feature available as optional extra

Productivity and efficiency tools

The web portal enables users and admins to manage and self-configure both group and personal VoIP services in real-time. HVS VoIP System Features can be managed simply with a click of a button – messaging, hunt groups, music on hold, and many more.

The HVS portal allows you to have a birdseye view over the entire VoIP system with the ability to make immediate changes in anticipation of or reacting to various scenarios and circumstances. Can you picture having the power to change the flow of calls or amend hunt groups in an instant, through the web portal, using any internet-enabled device? Having this kind of flexibility and functionality in your business VoIP system could make the difference between maintaining or losing a customer or losing an important business contract.

The HVS web portal

HVS CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a desktop computer-based application. When someone calls into the system, their number and any associated/relevant information are displayed on the screen before the call is even answered. Employee productivity is enhanced through integration with many customer relationship management applications, including the ability to search for numbers and dial them directly from within the applications.


  • The ability to screen pop and search for contacts in many supported CRMs and databases, while the phone is ringing so that you have their account ready for when you answer
  • Answer, hang up, transfer, or place a call on hold with the click of a button
  • Click-to-dial from webpages, supported CRMs, and databases. Simply click on a number and it will begin to dial
  • Concurrently search supported CRMs and the built-in shared address book and click to dial on the results
  • View detailed call history, (including missed) and then return calls simply by clicking a button
  • View whether colleagues are on the phone using the Presence window before you transfer a call

Presence window

The Presence window allows you to see the status of users in an instant. The presence window will show a list of every extension on the VoIP system, but by typing in the search box you can narrow down the results to those which you need. A context menu appears when you right click on one of these results. This menu shows a list of applicable options relating to the extension (like calling, consulting and transfer etc), depending on its current state.

The HVS toolbar

  • Make, accept & hangup telephone calls and change telephone settings from within Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox using the HVS Toolbar.
  • Microsoft Outlook has key integration features including outbound click-to-dial from Outlook contacts and right click to dial from email messages.
  • Highlight numbers on web pages in Internet Explorer and Firefox and simply right click to dial.
  • Full call control (answer or soft pick-up, hold, end, three-way conference and transfer or retrieve voicemail).
  • Change telephony service settings to suit; Simultaneous Ring, Call Forward All, Call Forward No Answer, Call Forward Busy, Do Not Disturb and Remote Office.
  • View group and personal contact directories.
  • View call history.

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