HVS VoIP Handsets

To function at its best, a quality HVS VoIP phone system requires quality VoIP handsets. They need to be reliable, hard wearing and easy to use. As the old saying goes – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

To complement our VoIP service, we supply cutting edge VoIP telephones from two of the world’s leading suppliers, both known for their quality and innovation. The HVS HD telephony service is available with a choice of Polycom HD or Yealink HD IP telephone handsets. Please see below to view the range available.

Yealink IP Phones

Yealink was first established in 2001 and since then has become one of the global leaders in SIP phone manufacture. They design, develop and produce VoIP handsets which are innovative, durable, dependable and feature rich. Yealink is a global brand whose hardware is the choice of many businesses in more than 80 countries. The VoIP handsets they produce allow organisations of any size and shape to capitalise on the money saving and efficiency enhancing advantages that HVS VoIP telephony offers.

Polycom IP Phones

Polycom was co-founded in a San Francisco basement way back in 1990, with the vision of turning the simple speaker phone into an essential and integral piece of business equipment. From it’s humble basement beginnings all those years ago, Polycom has gone from strength to strength to the point where it is now one of the leading global brands of content, audio and video collaboration solutions, supporting businesses and corporations from the minute right up to global giants. Their Soundpoint and VVX VoIP handset ranges both work exceptionally well with the HVS platform.