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HVS Hosted VoIP Phone System

Intouch Communications offer top quality Hosted VoIP phone systems, as a part of our telephony services, particularly to medium and small-sized businesses. Additionally, we also deliver these Hosted VoIP solutions to facilitate communication at home offices.

Based on one-line control panel functionality, HVS Hosted VoIP phone system solutions offered by Intouch Communications provide increased administrative, communication, and network control to businesses. Our advanced VoIP phone systems make sure that you never miss out on any of your calls, which leads to higher efficiency, increased sales, and higher profit.

About the Hosted PBX VoIP Phone Service

HVS HD telephony is a VoIP phone service that is fully hosted and managed, enabling employees to be more productive and businesses to run more efficiently. With a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) businesses benefit from the high-end features, functions, and performance of using a standard PBX without having to install the entire system on-site.

HVS hosted VoIP systems

Minimum capital outlay

The hardware for our owned and managed hosted PBX VoIP phone service resides in our resilient and secure off-site data centers providing cloud based service. This means the equipment needed on your site is minimal, which we can tailor to your needs depending on your requirements.

Maximum flexibility

HVS is a modular, scalable VoIP phone system, meaning you can customize it depending on your company’s size and requirements. The number of users (aka seats) can be added as and when you require them. The VoIP phone system will deliver the appropriate degree of managed connectivity, all you need to do is select the functionality each user requires and the number of concurrent calls needed.

Optimum control

A system dedicated web portal can be accessed from any internet-enabled device to control all the features within the VoIP phone system providing instant browser-based self management, with easy access and maximum flexibility.

The Business benefits of a hosted PBX

Portable Numbers

Keep your existing numbers when relocating, and add more UK numbers on demand.

Automatic call rerouting ensures business continuity in disasters or emergencies.

Add new services and users/seats with ease to evolve dynamically.

Unparalleled Functionality
Industry-leading cutting-edge features delivered in a simple cost-effective package.

System Admin and Monitoring
Instant control of the system and tools for admin and users through the online portal.

CTI and CRM Integration
Integration of computers, telephones, and many customer relationship management programs.
User Status
Users can set their status as do not disturb, in the meeting, out of the office, or available, viewable in real-time to determine a user’s availability.
Low On-Site Resource Requirements
Our Systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing complete maintenance support.
Free On-Net Calls
Calls between users and connected sites are free, which can dramatically cut communications costs.
Zero Upfront Costs
A simple pricing list and a per-user/seat cost give a flexible, scalable VoIP phone service solution.
Accredited Specialist Training
Users can take full advantage of their hosted PBX VoIP phone system with training from industry-acknowledged experts.

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