How On Hold Marketing Can Aid in Business Growth

how on hold marketing can


in business growth

How Well do you Understand On-Hold Marketing?

Nobody likes being put on hold. But there are times when there are no other options, and it must be done. As a result, businesses must ensure that the process is as painless as possible. Keeping your customers happy in a business phone system queue is critical to retaining current customers. 


In this short article, we’ll go over the advantages that on-hold music can bring to your company through effective customer engagement. 


What Exactly Is On-Hold Marketing?

Whether you need to put a customer on hold while they are transferred to the appropriate department or need to wait for a specific person, being on hold is a marketing opportunity not to be passed up. 

Most customers who are placed on hold will hang up and not return their call. Music on hold is a method of reducing missed opportunities by using licenced music, a professional voice, and engaging marketing messages – promoting current deals and offers, or simply reminding customers that help is on the way. 

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How to Make On-Hold Marketing Work for Your Company

A phone call is frequently the first interaction a customer has with your company, so making a good first impression with professional, personalised on-hold marketing could mean the difference between a sale and a loss. Here are a few reasons why businesses should use on-hold music: 


Improve Your Brand

Giving your recorded phone messages a professional image helps customers understand and remember who your company is and what it stands for. Being consistent and engaging will keep callers interested while they wait to be transferred. 

On-hold messages for businesses should include basic information such as the company name, strapline, business hours, contact information, and menu options. 


Create a message that your callers will appreciate:

  • Avoid generic messages like “Your call is important to us; we will call you back shortly” and “Thank you for calling.” These messages will not engage your customers because they have heard them so many times from other companies. 
  • All your on-hold messages should be concluded with a strong CTA that clearly explains what you want the customer to do. 
  • Make your messages as clear and professional as possible by using a professional voice. When callers hear a friendly voice, they are more likely to trust the company and wait rather than hang up. 
  • Make some licenced music available in your on-hold marketing message to keep customers entertained while they wait. Music can also be used to inform customers that their call is still active and will be returned as soon as possible. Consider how the music you choose will represent your brand and select something that reflects your company’s core values and brand voice. 

On-hold messages for businesses should include basic information such as the company name, strapline, business hours, contact information, and menu options. 


Reduce phone hang-ups:

People are more likely to wait on the phone if they have a positive customer experience.


Increase your sales:

On-hold marketing technology eliminates the need to miss a business lead, even if it comes in after hours or when you are too busy to respond. More sales equal more leads. 


Lower up-front costs:

Companies can spend thousands of dollars on logos, websites, radio advertising campaigns, business stationery, and stickers with little to no return. 


Customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Making a good first impression over the phone can have a big impact on your sales figures.

With Intouch Communications’ On-Hold Marketing Services, you can ensure that your company never misses another opportunity. We can assist you in developing the best on-hold solution for your business. 

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