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Providing Businesses in Croydon With Hosted VoIP, Phone Systems and Services 

We are an independent company, providing local businesses with telecom solutions in Croydon and the southeast. Intouch has helped many small and medium sized businesses to thrive and grow with our great customer service, innovative products and reliable solutions. Our latest hosted voip, internet based phone service is an incredible bargain. Not only is it an award winning, market leading product, but we are currently offering a free choice of handsets, free setup and much more. Find out more here! 

What can we provide businesses in Croydon? 

Since BT revealed that traditional ISDN lines are being phased out beginning in 2020, we have started to get very busy supplying businesses with hosted VoIP systems. People forget that we also offer many other products and services from traditional office phone systems through to telecoms maintenance and even music and marketing on hold services. You can find out more below but don’t hesitate to get in touch by using our contact form or give us a call on 01252 241000 , we’d love to help. 

VoIP Telephone Systems 

As previously mentioned, demand for our hosted VoIP service has skyrocketed since BT revealed the end of life of ‘old fashioned’ ISDN lines. VoIP systems are the next generation of telephone service offering much more functionality and flexibility than traditional systems. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from their ease of use and powerful features. The system can be easily upsized or down scaled according to needs without needing a lot of time or work invested. 


Internet access has become so important to many businesses these days that it could now be considered the 4th utility after water, gas and electric. We offer commercial grade broadband and superfast fibre broadband internet packages with 24/7 tech support, suitable for offices and business use 

Business Phone Lines & Calls 

We offer great business rates for PSTN, ISDN2e and ISDN30e lines. If all of that sounds like Greek to you, click on the heading and check out our phone lines page for more info. Alternatively, see our blog on business telephone lines or send us a message. 

Traditional Phone Systems 

Although VoIP telephone systems are taking over, traditional landline based telephone systems still have their place. Avaya IP Office is the system we provide, since it is the best of it’s kind in terms of functionality and price. We are certified suppliers of Avaya products and as such have extensive knowledge on the system. 

What’s so special about Intouch Communications? 

At intouch, our customers are our number one priority. We pride ourselves on first class customer service and continue to achieve it. Whether there is a local company that needs a hosted VoIP provider or just a quick visit from one of our friendly engineers, we always aim to please. Unlike big, faceless companies we are often able to make changes or tailor certain services to your needs so it’s always worth asking. 


Get in touch 

If you have any questions about our VoIP phone service, business telephone systems or any of our other services please get in touch with one of our friendly team members by using our enquiry form. Alternatively, give us a ring on 01252 241000 today, we’d be happy to help! 




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