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How Intouch resolved this customers telecommunications problems

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about hello

The first issue of HELLO Magazine was released in 1988 by Eduardo Sánchez Junco. Junco is the owner of the Spanish magazine ‘¡HOLA!’ which was first launched in 1944 by Antonio Sánchez Gómez and Mercedes Junco Calderón. HELLO! Releases issues weekly and has done so since its first release, swiftly becoming a household brand known for its exclusive celebrity access, accurate and positive reporting, gorgeous picture-led features, and award-winning publishing philosophy. HELLO! was first published in digital format in 2001, with the launch of the website hellomagazine.com. The website offers up-to-date royal and celebrity news. The daily content ranges from breaking news concerning renowned British celebrities to the latest Hollywood events. It has large photo galleries from royal events and red carpets, such as the BAFTAs and Oscars. Hellomagazine.com has around 12 million unique visitors every month.

what was the problem?

When HELLO! approached Intouch, they were using an AVAYA onsite phone system, which, for the size and complexity of their business was not modern enough to provide them with all the features they needed. Ultimately this customer needed their whole system to be modernised.

what was the solution?

Intouch decided that the best solution would be to provide HELLO! with a cloud-hosted phone system. It was decided that 3CX’s cloud phone system would be the best option for HELLO! magazine. This system was great for this customer as it allowed for remote working, it also meant that they did not have to worry about server maintenance as the phone system is hosted by their provider. It also meant they had lower costs because hosting providers often only charge according to usage another benefit of using this system is that there is an easier setup process meaning less server-side technical knowledge is required.

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