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With our Guest WiFi Solutions, you can drive revenue from the engagement you get from your customers and improve the overall experience they have with you.

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Our Guest WiFi Solution

The Guest WiFi Solution is a cloud offering that provides an overlay to your existing WiFi equipment and network, so no extra hardware is required. The Setup is extremely quick as it’s all done in under an hour – and everything is managed via an online portal. 

When visitors or customers connect to your WiFi, our captive portal captures their key contact and demographic information with full compliance included. The reporting allows you to get to know your visitors, analyse the data to improve your customer experience, and follow up with personalised campaigns for sales and marketing. 

You have full control to manage every detail of your visitor’s WiFi experience, from login methods to beautifully designed splash pages. You can even edit the branding, promotions, and advertising. Connect with Social allows visitors to log in quickly using their own social media username and password.

Analyse visitor data and gain insights to help improve your venue efficiency and increase revenue

WiFi analytics enables you to access a wealth of data and analytics to help you build detailed visitor profiles and better understand how people are interacting with your venue.

Managed Cyber Security, guest wifi

Improve Customer Experience and Increase Revenue

SUPER quick setup and increased ROI from your Guest WiFi

Hassle Free Connection

Get your customers online with one click from any device. No password is needed.

Improve your sales

Bring new customers through your doors and gain more sales when you offer fast free internet access.

Reviews and Feedback

Guest WiFi fAQS

With faster download and upload speeds, greater dependability, and technical assistance, business broadband is an internet connectivity option that is based on well-known residential infrastructure and is therefore better suited for home and hybrid working. 

Security is another another benefit of a guest network. Users’ devices are kept separate from your company’s equipment and data, such as shared files and printers, by using a separate network.

Even when you aren’t having guests around, malware and hackers remain a persistent threat. Because your IoT devices—such as smart TVs, thermostats, and plugs—are frequently more susceptible to security breaches than your computer or phone, it is a good idea to utilise a guest Wi-Fi network for them.

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