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Fed up with GoDaddy? Let us migrate you directly to Microsoft Office 365 and cut out the middle man (GoDaddy).

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Why Migrate From GoDaddy Directly To Microsoft Office?

GoDaddy act as a Middle-Man, a reseller between Microsoft and you. However, GoDaddy use a multi-tenant setup, this means all its clients are in one large Master account known as  tenant. Due to the way that GoDaddy have setup this master tenant, customers who purchase Office 365 via GoDaddy are limited in capabilities and customisation. Below are 6 of the key reason why you should move away from GoDaddy and directly to Microsfot 365.

More Features and Updates

Microsoft 365 provides more features and quicker access to the latest updates compared to the GoDaddy version. This can include advanced security measures and productivity tools.

Direct Support

By switching to Microsoft 365, users get direct support from Microsoft. This can lead to more efficient and specialized assistance, especially for complex issues.

Greater Control

Microsoft 365 typically offers more control over the settings and customization options. This is particularly beneficial for businesses needing specific configurations or integration with other Microsoft products.

Cost Considerations

In some cases, direct subscriptions with Microsoft can be more cost-effective, especially for businesses that can benefit from Microsoft’s various pricing plans and discounts.


Microsoft 365 provides seamless integration with other Microsoft services and products. This can be advantageous for organizations that are heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.


Microsoft 365 can be more scalable, making it easier to add or remove users and services as the organization’s needs change.

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Frequently asked questions

Microsoft 365 typically offers more features, including advanced security options, productivity tools, and regular updates. It also provides direct support from Microsoft, greater control, and customization options.


Migrating can offer more features, direct Microsoft support, cost benefits, better integration with Microsoft services, greater scalability, and clearer data ownership terms.


In Simple, No! We have performed over 200 GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migrations and have a tried and tested process that ensures you will not lose any data.


Less than 24 hours from start to finish.


Downtime will be minimal (less than 20 minutes) and as we usually perform the migrations in the evenings you wont even notice.


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