Why phone scams seem so difficult to combat

The rise in phone scams over the past 2 years is astronomical. And it can seem that phone scams of this nature are so difficult to combat! Here is how you can keep safe and avoid being scammed!

EE aims for 5G coverage everywhere by 2028

EE AIMS FOR 5G COVERAGE EVERYWHERE BY 2028   According to reports, EE users will be able to get 5G “everywhere” in the UK by 2028, with half of the population covered by the technology in two years. By 2025, it will have added 4,500 square miles of new rural 4G coverage. According to BBC […]

BT 888 phone safety service created to protect women

BT 888 PHONE SAFETY SERVICE CREATED TO PROTECT WOMEN FOLLOWING THE DEATH OF SARAH EVERARD. After the murder of Sarah Everard, who was wrongly arrested for a breach of Covid-19 guidelines as she walked home from a friend’s house in South London on the 3rd of March 2021. Awareness for the safety of lone woman […]

Business Telephone Lines – A Guide for Business Owners

PSTN, ISDN, SIP or VoIP? If you aren’t technologically-minded, it can be difficult enough to work out which types of phone lines are available, let alone decide which one is right for your small business. We’ve made things simpler with this guide to business telephone systems.

Why Choose Avaya?

At the Centre of every business is a dependable communication system that facilitates the transmission of vital information across the established telecommunication networks.

ISDN vs SIP Service

The most commonly used virtual line that has replaced physical lines is SIP trunking, as it allows businesses to connect all kinds of voice calls via the internet, allowing more flexibility and security.