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Why join the team?

Intouch Communications are a truly independent communications company, providing a comprehensive range of communication services ranging from basic Business Calls and Lines packages to Telephone Systems and VoIP Networks.

Intouch is a business to business only provider giving specialist advice for each service, guaranteeing a professional solution every time. We have a variety of different careers available. Joining the team will bring you many opportunities to grow and develop and offer you so many benefits along the way!

Why start a career with us?

Great welcoming working environment 

The Intouch team is always very friendly and it doesn’t just feel like work here! You can be yourself and everyone’s ideas are listened to and respected! The office space is also very new, fresh, and nice to work in!

Support from other colleagues

You never have to feel like you can’t ask for help when you need it. Whether you are not sure of something or if you are just needing someone to talk to, your colleagues will always have your back!

Progress tracking

Each team member attends a meeting with the manager 4 times a year to track your progress in the team. This allows for direct communication and building relationships with ‘high-up’ members of staff.

Opportunities to grow develop and progress 

Whether you start as an Apprentice or as a head of a department there are always ways for you to progress and develop your skills and you will be supported through that for you to be at the top of your game always!

No two days are ever the same 

Each day there is something new to learn and tackle. This means you are never stuck for things to do and you will not get bored with your everyday work life.

Great benefits 

Intouch provides team members with a free gym membership and onsite parking! There is also the ability to earn more money with the bonus scheme.

Why not get Intouch?

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