UK and International Virtual Numbers

Want to make it seem like your business is larger than it is? 
Want to make it seem like your office phone is in another country or somewhere else in the UK? Well the Virtual numbers service is for you!

Choose Any Area Code In the UK and
Choose from 100+ International Numbers

Intouch Communications has partnerships with the leading carriers across the UK and across the Globe. 

Choose from any area code in the UK (01/02/03/07/08) and from 100+ different international telephone numbers.

Operate your call centre. Anywhere.

Your call centre no longer has to be geographically bound! 

Instantly acquire international numbers from over 100+ different countries. Expand your customer base without having to move your offices!

Local Phone Numbers in International Destinations allow your customers to reach your staff and still be charged at there local in country rates.

Local Caller ID Presentation

Our International Calling Service goes one step Further than the majority of telecoms providers.

 Your International Number will appear as a TRUE local number when dialling into the same country code.

For example, if you are calling into Germany with a Berlin Phone Number: +4930312227800 

Your Caller ID will appear in Germany on the receivers end as 030312227800.

This feature is extremely helpful in increasing your international outbound answer rates for example as people are less likely to think you are outside of the country using a virtual number resulting in a higher pickup rate.

People can dial back your locally presented phone number and it will route back through to whatever SIP device you are logged into such as a desk phone, mobile app or PC softphone app.


SUPER quick setup, easy to use and starts at just £4.99 per number


5* rated reviews on Google and Trust Pilot
Intouch Communications replaced our old dated system with a new Hosted Solution. Since we installed the new Callflight VoIP solution we have seen an increase in staff productivity as a result of smoother, faster communication between the Optimus offices, along with a vast reduction in maintenance costs.
Neil Livingstone ~ Optimus Search

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