Best Phone Systems For Small Businesses (2023)

Best Phone System for Small Businesses Uk (2023)

What Can We Do For You?

Our experts can help you pick the best-fit phone system for your small business from Business Phone Systems UK, which means you will be able to put your legacy phone system to rest. Technology moves very quickly; so, our experts will ensure you stay ahead of the curve.  

Now let us get stuck into looking at the top 6 business phone systems for small businesses and a summary of their features and benefits. The below will give you an overview but please feel free to speak to one of our experts for some free advice. We are not going to give any of these systems a rating out of 10 because it varies on the customer’s specific requirements.


The Top 6 Business Phone Systems

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Telco switch won the best small business phone system award at the CNA Awards 2017. Most of the time this system can be a great fit for your average customer without any special requirements. However, this system can sometimes meet more specific requirements, for example, it has great functionality for an inbound call centre, however, there are better systems for outbound call centres, and this is due to the call reporting feature. It also has a great call queuing system with features that are not always available for other systems on the market.  

A brief list of the features and benefits of this system is below: 

  • Call recording – call recording is by default on this system; however, it is not FCA compliant, which you would require if you were in the financial services sector. Although there is a very nice third-party piece of software called call cabinet which you can add onto this system.  
  • CRM integration – this system does not integrate with many CRM systems, but with the few that it does, it integrates seamlessly. (Bullhorn, salesforce, vtiger, sugar, Microsoft dynamics). 
  • Affordable cloud telephony 
  • Simplified user administration  
  • Fully inclusive call numbers 
  • Call queuing – this system can do more than most when it comes down to inbound call queuing. It is a perfect fit for anyone looking to do something slightly more complex than your average phone system.  
  • Hot desking  
  • Mobile pairing  
  • Unlimited conference calling  
Business telecommunications provider

Aircall is the cloud-based call centre and phone system of choice for modern businesses. Aircall is the ideal solution for those whose business needs a contact centre for customer-centric teams. This solution can integrate with intercom, copper, Pipedrive, happy fox and many other CRM systems.  

A brief list of the features and benefits of this system is below: 

  • Quick and easy integration of CRM 
  • Data and Reporting 
  • Superior voice and video quality 
  • Sales Automation 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Cross-platform  
  • Call conference solution  
  • Virtual call centre 
On-Site Phone System

3CX prides itself on connecting teams with customers. Their mobile App is great for those who are always on the go and are not always in the office. They also offer the app free video conferencing which means you can have a video call without hassle with unlimited users. However, 3CX does not integrate with as many CRM systems as the other business phone systems on the list. The ones they do integrate with are HubSpot, ZoHo, Bitrix 24 and Mongo DB. 

A brief list of the features and benefits of this system is below: 

  • Excellent pricing, especially if you have more than 10 users 
  • Freedom to choose your SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) provider 
  • More control over your phone system 
  • Make calls from your mobile devices 
  • Works with any VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone 
  • Integrates with other tools 
  • Excellent support via UK partners 
  • Includes video conferencing 
  • Team messaging comes as standard 


Business telecommunications provider

Ring Central is considered the #1 cloud communications provider worldwide. They offer flexible, cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions. They have services which range from an all-in-one cloud phone system with team messaging and video conferencing to a complete contact centre and more, they build solutions for every business, no matter how big or small. They can also integrate with around 100 different CRM systems! The downside of ring central is that it is not particularly scalable so another phone system may be a better choice if you are looking to scale your business in a short amount of time. 

A brief list of the features and benefits of this system is below: 

  • Set up new users in minutes from any device 
  • Stay connected during disasters and outages 
  • CRM integration 
  • Phone numbers that allow you to go toll-free, local, or international 
  • Mobile app features for both administrators and users 
  • The audio quality is crystal clear 
  • Web meetings are consistently stable 

BroadSoft is not a phone system name you would come across, it is the backend system, that is owned by Cisco. BroadSoft offers good integrations due to its partnership with Mondego. Here at Business Phone Systems UK, we sell the least of this phone system due to the user portal being a little heavy and lacking basic features such as showing a missed call when a phone call is answered by another agent. But it can be the best solution if you are using a desk phone and use an obscure CRM system. 

A brief list of the features and benefits of this system is below: 

  • CRM integration 
  • Suitable for all business sizes 
  • Affordable costs 
  • Number portability available  
  • Contact centre integration 
  • HD-quality voice and video  

8×8 can integrate with a lot of CRM systems such as salesforce, Microsoft teams, google workspace and fresh desk. Their contact center solution is feature rich for both inbound and outbound. However, 8×8 is an expensive phone system so we would only recommend it for enterprise businesses or if you have a higher budget. 

A brief list of the features and benefits of this system is below: 

  • Low cost for setup – no need to invest in additional equipment  
  • Quick installation  
  • Automatic updates and upgrades 
  • Advanced calling features – call recording, call routing, voicemail transcription  
  • Unified communications 
  • CRM integration  
  • Flexibility  

What Can Business Phone Systems UK Offer You?

Business Phone Systems UK can help you decide what phone system is best for you and your small business. If your requirements change, we can switch your phone system as and when you need. Even if it is midway through your contract! 

Why Purchase A Phone System Through Business Phone Systems UK?

Let’s say you choose to start off with a 3CX phone system because at that time it was the best solution for your business. However, if you need a solution for a telesales team then you might wish to switch to Aircall as this integrates with Pipedrive. Here at Business Phone Systems UK, we can do that for you through our universal license. We offer this because we do not shoehorn a particular solution, as we know every small business has different needs. We always ensure this process is straightforward and smooth. Our service allows your phone system to grow alongside your business. 

Every plan we offer includes access to the virtual phone system, team chat, video calls, and other business communications tools you could need. The best part is it can be used from anywhere. 

Our goal at Business Phone Systems UK is to give you a platform that is well suited to act as a business phone system for both the biggest enterprises and the smallest startups. 


We have you covered when it comes to designing the caller experience and phone system that is best for your small business.  

Boost your employees’ capacity to collaborate remotely with business instant messaging, video conferencing, and other communications services, while our industry-leading business phone system enables you to make and receive calls from any device and location. 

Do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts here at Business Phone Systems UK. 

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