Backups & Continuity

Protecting your business from risk

Today’s organisations depend more than ever on IT and technology, so when calamity strikes it can be disastrous. 

backup and continuity, backups and storage

Backups & Continuity

It can be practically hard for a business to survive without backups and continuity plans, from lost orders and money to very expensive fines. Businesses must also comply with the GDPR by setting up the required protections to restore access to customer data in the event of a disaster, such as a cyberattack, fire, flood, or even a straightforward human error, such as deleting customer files.

Managed Backups for SME's

Backups & Continuity

backups and storage, backups and continuity

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Protect your business against downtime

  • 24/7 monitoring and management
  • Quick data and system restoration
  • Support for all operating systems and devices
  • Regular backup testing
  • Data replication to UK datacentres
  • Scalable solutions to accommodate any amount of data
  • Fully image and data level backups
  • Protection against critical systems failure and data loss

Protect your data now!

Proactive managed backups

How we ensure your backups are always working


We continuously check all of your backups for any failures or problems, no matter how minor or serious.


Our monitoring tools will open a support ticket in our helpdesk site if an issue is found.


Our team will resolve the problems using a combination of automated processes and remote assistance.

Why choose us for managed backups?

We could tell you loads of reasons to why you should choose us but here are 3 key reasons

Backup options for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Android, and iPhones and iPads.

Our straightforward and adaptable pricing system is designed to meet your unique demands and specifications.

Our backup systems are watched around-the-clock and are scalable to handle any volume of data.

Backups & Continuity FAQs

At the very least once each week, but ideally once every twenty-four hours, important data should be backed up. There are two ways to backup data: manually and automatically. There are numerous automatic software solutions that you may use to schedule the backup of your data for a specific period of the day or week.

Two of the many reasons backups fail are issues with the hardware and software. An astonishing 37% of backups fail, according to a recent poll by, which is why your business must invest in expert cloud backups.

The incremental backups reflect daily modifications made to files created by email or software programmes, for example. A safe period of time to preserve the backup files is typically two months for a full system backup.

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