Avaya IP Office vs Avaya Aura

Avaya IP Office VS Avaya Aura

Which is the Best Solution – Avaya Aura Communications Manager or IP Office?

When it comes down to choosing between two great products, it can be quite difficult to pick between two. Both Avaya Aura Communications Manager and IP Office are excellent in their own right, the only main distinction is the fact that IP Office is much better suited to scenarios with under 1000 users. If your requirements exceed 1000 users, then Avaya Aura Communications Manager may be a better idea.

Below we will look in depth at what each offers. Let’s compare Avaya IP Office Vs Avaya Aura!

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office starts with a minimum of five users and can be easily scaled up to 1,000 users at either one site or in as many as 150 locations. It makes it possible for your

mobile workforce to not only collaborate but also promote business from any device, at any time and from any place. This true plug-and-play system helps to reduce your IT overhead and rolls out various applications effortlessly to your staff. Click-to-call capabilities are provided by WebRTC applications from Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce.com and Google for Work. You can also rely on the support services of Avaya to optimise the performance of your solutions, ensure that system up-time is maximised and protect your Avaya technology investment.

  1. A Purpose-Built System- Transform your business and accelerate its growth with an integrated and comprehensive solution- mobility, collaboration, networking, multi-channel contact centre, support services, video and security- all from one source.
  2. Business Communications That Provides Engagement From Everywhere- Allow for unlimited commerce no matter what the application, device, time or place. Employees can engage at any time or anywhere to create value and capture opportunities.
  3. Administration Made Easy-Centrally manage your IP Office solution using web-based administration to eliminate IT headaches whether you have five users or a thousand, or as many as 150 sites located all over the world or just one location.

Stay Connected From Anywhere, For Non-Stop Productivity

You no longer have to be out of the office while you are on the road. Every staff member has only one number that can be used by customers to reach them on any device and in any location. To assure privacy, all calls get routed through your office. Carrier charges can be reduced by using available WiFi to make calls. Remote and mobile staff can be given in-office capabilities from almost any device, including instant messaging, conference control and access to your corporate directory. An IP phone from home can be used by your staff via an Avaya Session Border Controller without the need for VPN overhead. See this page for an extended list of the features of Avaya IP Office.

Avaya Aura Communications Manager

Moving to unified collaboration and communications begins here. Your customer contact applications, messaging, video and voice all converge onto one network that spreads flexible and intelligent communications throughout your entire organisation.

Everyone on the road, in remote branch offices and at headquarters will all have the very same enhanced capabilities for communication- so they can quickly and easily take care of whatever needs to be done for your business.

Don’t allow the network that you are currently using to prevent you from switching over to unified collaboration and communication. Avaya Aura Communication Manager allows you to adapt to analogue, digital, H.323 and SIP. You can extend collaborative applications, video, mobility and conferencing to everyone.

  1. Collaborate and Communicate Anywhere And With Anyone. Your collaborative communications can be extended across regions and time zones to contact centres, conference rooms, mobile phones and much more.
  2. Reliable Solution. All communications are reliable and consistent with fault tolerance, virtualisation and configurable redundancy.
  3. Designed For Employees And IT. Common administration, applications, features and capabilities make learning easy for both employees and IT while reducing your cost of ownership as well.

Avaya IP Office 500

  • Hybrid IP PBX; Single Server.
  • Avaya IP Office 500 offers a single SME Communications platform that features richness along with “pay as your business grows” scalability.
  • Basic Edition- provides very small businesses with basic key system capability.
  • Essential Edition- provides small businesses with the ‘must haves’ that they need for enhancing their communications with colleagues and customers and for streamlining business operations.
  • Preferred Edition- Provides businesses with sophisticated messaging and intelligent call routing so that communications can be used for establishing a competitive edge.
  • Advanced Edition- specifically designed for businesses looking to increase sales through agent productivity and superior customer service.

Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise (ME):

  • Session Manager (SM)
  • Communication Manager (CM)
  • System Manager (SMGR)
  • Presence
  • Communication Manager Messaging (CMM)
  • AES
  • System Platform
  • Utility Services
  • Call centre Elite
  • Avaya Aura applications offer easier management and administration, reduce telephone system installation time, and reduce hardware implementation
  • A redundant server configuration is supported by Avaya Aura ME for the option of Fast Reboot High Availability

Capacity Avaya IP Office 500:

  • 148 H.323, 208 analogue trunks, 240 digital (not simultaneously)
  • As many as 1,000 users over 32 sites
  • As many as 384 users per site

basic edition:

  • 16 analogue trunks, 24 digital, 20 SIP (not simultaneously)
  • As many as 48 users

avaya aura solution for midsize enterprise

  • Up to 250 G450 or G430 gateways
  • As many as 2,000 trunks, in addition to further scalability using G450 or G430 gateways.

Browser based access for voicemail

Avaya iP office 500:

Advanced or Standard With Preferred Editions

Avaya aura solution for midsize enterprise

Comes standard with Avaya Aura Messaging and Avaya Aura Modular Messaging


It can be hard to choose the best phone solution for your small or growing business. Users needs are unique and there’s often many questions that need answering. We here at Intouch are ready to help you, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call on 01252 241000 today!

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