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Intouch Communications are leading Avaya handsets suppliers offering a wide variety of Avaya phones to suit a broad spectrum of needs. Whether looking for simple office phones or more feature-packed IP and SIP phones, we are more than able to cater to your requirements. The three main categories of Avaya phones available are desktop, conference and wireless all of which are listed on the following pages, along with PDF brochures for each model. Read on to find out more and to look into the complete range we offer. 

Avaya produces and sells its own devices, such as desktop phones, headsets, conference phones and all-in-one video conferencing devices. Avaya is a business communications service provider whose product offerings are marketed toward companies of all sizes, in all industries.

Help all users stay accessible, connected, and productive whether they’re executives, managers, receptionists, mobile or remote employees. We offer a broad array of Avaya IP phones, as well as analogue, digital, wireless and SIP desktop phones to service any of your office phone needs.

Avaya Wireless Handsets are designed for a range of user needs and environments. Features such as conferencing and directory access alongside the flexibility of a wireless connection help users stay productive. Even if they’re moving around throughout a building or across campus for example, using these Avaya phone handsets employees can communicate clearly and efficiently from virtually any location with exceptional clarity.

avaya handsets, Avaya 3700 cordless VoIP

Using these Avaya handset phones, conference room calls are easily managed with simple, productivity enhancing features. With Avaya’s patented OmniSound™ technology you’ll find every group meeting sounds fantastic. The B100 Series of Avaya conference phones are available in a range of models and prices offering a stylish and sophisticated solution for any size conference room. 

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