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What Avaya Conference Phones can Offer

Offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly telecommunication conferencing solution, Avaya conference phones are market leaders in both design and functionality. Using their patented OmniSound™ technology, communication is crystal clear for all users. Ultra simple plug-and-play technology means you simply have to connect the device to a phone line or IP network, plug in the power supply and you’re away. Ergonomically designed and feature-packed, you’ll find the B100 series conference phones intuitive and easy to use.

Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone

This model of Avaya phone is a SIP-based unit for integration with Avaya Aura and IP Office. A web-based configuration feature allows you to import and export contacts and settings and wide-band audio supports G.722 voice on IPO 8.0 or higher. As with all Avaya products, despite all its advanced technical features the B179 is easy to set up and use. 

Avaya B159 IP Conference Phone

The B159 Avaya conference phone has been designed to be a flexible and adaptive conference call solution for your business. This model features a line mode selector which lets you switch and combine traditional analogue, USB and mobile connections and allows you to make VoIP calls through a PC. 

Avaya B149 Conference Phone

Although this is the most basic model in the range, the B149 Avaya conference phone is by no means short on features. Like a traditional telephone, this unit simply plugs into your phone line and power outlet and you’re ready to go. Many of the other high end features of the B159 and B179 can also be found on this unit. Please view the Avaya B149 analog conference phone PDF to learn more.

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