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Avaya 9608


The Avaya 9600 series of desk phones are the most versatile and customisable range available, with the Avaya 9608 handsets being the most popular. Avaya have really expanded the possibilities and pushed the boundaries of what a desk phone can do with this series. Aside from the great contemporary looks and excellent sound quality inherent to the Avaya brand, the expanded and customisable features are at the cutting edge of desk phone telephony. Despite the advanced power, functions and features, the Avaya 9600 series of handsets use between 40 and 60% less energy than comparable phones, giving you the ‘green edge’ as well as saving on the electricity bill. As with the 9500 series, the Avaya 9600 series features option button labels that are displayed on screen and self label based on the function assigned, rather than having to be written by hand like on the 1400 and 1600 series. The interfaces are easy and intuitive to use – both the seasoned veteran and newbie alike will navigate effortlessly, taking full advantage of the productivity enhancing features offered by the range.

The Avaya 9608 handset is the most popular phone of the Avaya 9600 series. It’s a full featured IP desk phone with a total of 24 customisable buttons and a large easy-read monochrome screen. This phone is perfect for a range of users, from receptionists to office workers, sales people to executives. Take a look at the PDF below to find out more about the Avaya 9608 handset

The Avaya 9608G handset is almost identical to the Avaya 9608 handset aside from one important difference. This particular model also incorporates Gigabit technology meaning that the 9608G is capable of transferring data 10 times quicker than the 9608, if connected to a Gigabit port. Take a look at the full technical specifications by viewing the Avaya 9608G handset PDF below.

The Avaya 9621G handset boasts a tiltable 4 inch colour touchscreen display and 24 customisable buttons. Like the 9608G handset this unit also has built in Gigabit technology, allowing for incredibly quick data transfer speeds when connected to a Gigabit port. The full feature set and functionality of the Avaya 9621G handset can be found in the PDF below.

The Avaya 9641GS handset is a multi line handset designed for people who spend considerable amounts of time on the phone. This unit also benefits from Gigabit technology as with the two previous models mentioned, as well as having a generous 5 inch colour touchscreen display. Have a look at the Avaya 9641GS handset PDF below to find out more.

The Avaya 9620L handset is one of the more basic models in the line, lacking gigabit connection and a colour screen. This particular model of the Avaya 9600 series of handsets has 12 customisable buttons and is suitable for the less demanding user. The Avaya 9620C handset has the same features but comes with a colour screen. To find out more, please see the 9620 PDF below.

The Avaya 9650 handset is especially suited to larger call volumes and can be deployed in a variety of locations such as call centres and is especially popular for use on reception desks. As standard, this model comes with a monochrome screen but you can upgrade to the 9650C for a colour screen alternative. 

Choosing the right handset can be tough, we’d love to advise you on your requirements and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to call 01252 241000 for some friendly advice and guidance today!

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