Avaya 3700 cordless VoIP

Avaya 3700

Cordless VoIP

The Avaya 3700 series of cordless VoIP phones allow users to access some of the amazing features of bulkier desktop phones with the convenience and portability of a cordless handset. With a range of models suitable for a variety of environments and end users, you will be sure to find the right VoIP phone for your needs.

Avaya 3740 Cordless VoIP Phone

Avaya 3740 cordless VoIP phones are designed especially for use in more extreme environments. Its rugged construction makes it not only scratch and shockproof but also very resilient against dust and liquid. Definitely a favourite around construction sites and other more industrial settings. 

Avaya 3700 cordless VoIP
Avaya 3700 cordless VoIP

Avaya 3749 Cordless VoIP Phone

Avaya 3749 cordless VoIP phones were created with workers needing a certain level of safety and protection in mind. Particularly suitable for hazardous environments such as chemical production facilities and petrochemical plants and any situation where an alarm button and no movement/man-down sensors would be of value. 

Avaya 3720 Cordless VoIP Phone

The Avaya 3720 cordless VoIP phone is the most popular handset of the Avaya 3700 series. Engineered to cater for both industrial and office applications, the Avaya 3720 delivers high-quality wireless communications securely over an encrypted network and boasts over 20 hours of talk time. Though reasonably priced, it comes with all the features you’d expect such as messaging, call holding and conference call functionality.

avaya handsets, Avaya 3700 cordless VoIP
avaya handsets, Avaya 3700 cordless VoIP

Avaya 3725 Cordless VoIP Phone

Very similar to the popular 3720 model, the Avaya 3725 cordless VoIP phone has a few added extras to an already impressive feature set. For starters the 3725 features a colour screen and back lit keypad as well as text messaging functionality. Not only that but it’s also kitted out for slightly more rough and rugged use with it’s dust and liquid protection. 

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