A look into network queuing

a look into

network queuing

- mass demand of doctors surgeries

Since March 2020, there has been a massive strain on the NHS, due to COVID-19 and the consistent number of cases that have continued to spread across the nation. It has been reported that the NHS is currently experiencing some of the most severe pressures since its formation 70 years ago.

A lot of doctor surgeries are currently experiencing a lot of traffic to their phone systems and because of this a lot of patients will experience not answering. A way to fix this issue is to set up a call queuing service which allows for calls that cannot be answered instantly to be put in a ‘queue’ until it is their turn.

Put simply, Network Queuing is a simple mechanism that allows your company to take more calls even if you are unable to respond to them immediately. Deal with call peaks effectively by putting callers in a queue and project a professional image with soothing messages and music on wait. When it comes to handling customer calls during busy periods, call queuing is the ideal answer. The goal of call queuing is to reduce wait times and thereby boost customer satisfaction. If you have an auto attendant system, it can manage incoming calls and route them to the appropriate call queue based on priority settings.

It would be beneficial to industries such as doctor’s surgeries which have a lot of calls and not enough operators to take every call instantly. This service is also very customisable for each customer as you can request your queuing sound to hold music, or a comforting message to patients or customers waiting, it can also be set to state what position your call is in.



Other businesses Call Queuing would be great for radio stations holding competitions or theatres. This is because it allows you to inform your clients about any special deals you’d want to promote, or just reassure them that their call will be answered as soon as possible and tell them where they stand in line. Queuing business calls with soothing messages and music on hold is an excellent method to keep callers on the line while marketing your services or reducing their wait time.

Turn the dreaded task of putting people on hold into a lucrative marketing opportunity.


Benefits of Network Queueing

  • Customized plans – Create your own call plans based on your business’s working hours and change them as needed.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- Manage your calls more efficiently when your office is busy or closed, instantly transferring them to another location or mobile.
  • Incoming calls can be queued to a destination number on specialised B2B network to help with call handling during peak times.
  • Employee empowerment – Give workers control over their own DDI number’s call routing, allowing them to pick and manage where and when they receive incoming calls.
  • Advanced call statistics highlight call handling efficiency such as productivity, call trends, and caller behavior, allowing you to make educated business decisions.

At Intouch communications we can provide call queuing to our customers. If you are interested in this service don't hesitate to get intouch with our experts!

What is the expense of Network Queuing?

If you decide that call queuing would be beneficial for your business the next thought probably is how much it will cost.

There is an installation fee for the call queuing service as well as a monthly cost for customers.

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