Aristone Solicitors

Aristone Solicitors

Aristone have been found guilty of choosing the #1 VOIP Communications platform

aristone solicitors

who are aristone Solicitors?

Artisone solicitors are based in Luton. They pride themselves on being committed to delivering ‘consistently superior value for every client through innovation and empathy’. The company’s ethics policy stands for “Open, Accessible, and Affordable legal support.” The lawyers offer a wide range of legal services in a large area of expertise: Child and Family, Personal Injury, Corporate Litigation, Landlord and Tenant dispute, Business, and Personal Immigration.

what was the problem?

Aristone Solicitors had just started off Trading as a Law Firm and needed to partner with a suitable and reliable communications company. They were brand new and did not have existing systems, infrastructure, or even business telephone numbers.   Aristone spoke to a few different companies but decided Intouch Communications were the best fit for them based on the conversations that were had about their requirements.   They needed a scalable Cloud phone system that can grow as they grow without breaking the bank especially as they are a new trading company.   Because of the sensitivity of their work, they needed a system that could reliably record all conversations for training and monitoring purposes and needed these call recordings to be securely stored in case they needed them in the future.   They needed a suitable internet connection for Voice and Data traffic but unfortunately, only ADSL2+ was available at the site and the suggested speeds were not going to be suitable.

what was the solution?

Intouch Communications listened to Aristone’s requirements and were able to get them up and running on our Hosted Communicator VoIP platform on short notice. This platform is easily scalable and comes with a cost-effective ‘all in one user license cost which includes any UK Landline & UK Mobile calls, remote working apps, and unlimited remote support. We were able to supply them with unique and memorable local Luton numbers, Aristone was supplied with a main telephone number alongside Direct Dial numbers in the same range so customers could contact individuals directly if needed. Hosted Communicator can record telephone calls at all levels, incoming number level, extension level, ring group, call queueing, etc. Once a call has been recorded the Hosted Communicator platform will upload this to a separate cloud server where calls are stored securely and encrypted. Although Intouch Communications can and do supply businesses with ADSL2+ broadband, we decided it was in the customer’s best interest if they went down the Virgin Media route as they could get up to 50x the speeds with Virgin than they could on the BT ADSL broadband. We felt it was more important the customer got a better solution than Intouch making a broadband sale. As it stands, Aristone is still thoroughly enjoying the service Intouch has provided, and they have doubled in size since they started due to their fantastic customer service. We look forward to continuing working with Aristone in the many years to come.

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