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3CX is a multi-award winning VoIP Communications platform offering Hassle-free cloud telephony, built for modern working.

The leading choice for over 250,000 companies worldwide. 

3CX, 3CX phone system

The #1 Cloud VoIP Communications Platform

Revolutionise your communications system with the multi-award winning Cloud VoIP System, perfect for small businesses right through to large enterprises.

3CX, 3CX phone system
3CX, 3CX phone system

Hosted on a dedicated 3CX server

Intouch Communications hosts your 3CX system on a dedicated server in the cloud. Our primary hosting partner and provider is Amazon Web Services (AWS) however we have backup servers with Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

Most VoIP providers host the majority of their customers on a shared server which can lead to massive downtime when an outage happens if not managed properly. 

However, our customers have benefited from a 99.999% up-time over the past 3 years.


Elevate and save with 3CX

SUPER quick setup, easy to use and starts at just £11.99 per month

Easily take calls right from your web browser

Easily Handle calls, check colleagues’ availability status, answer messages and place video calls, all from your browser. 

Simple for workers to use in or out of office and easy to manage, greatly reducing admin headaches. Integrate with your CRM and know who’s calling before picking up. 

Effortlessly launch calls to numbers that are displayed on web pages and CRM systems directly from the window you are working in, such as MS 365, Salesforce and more!

3CX, 3CX phone system

Powerful Mobile Apps. Call, Message, Meet... Anywhere.

Keep your team connected and productive even when working from home! 3CX is built for mobility with iOS and Android apps that keep your team connected without tying them to the office building. 

Make and receive calls using your office number, chat with co-workers, or start a video call on the fly. Ensure your customers are never left hanging. Respond to their calls, Facebook, SMS, or live chat messages from anywhere, from the web client or your smartphone.

3CX, business mobile with handset

Try 3CX FREE for 14 days

No hidden fees. No nonsense. Get started right away. 

Website Live Chat

Customers love the ability to be able to get a question answered in real time as they are visiting your website. 

3CX allows agents to answer any Live Chat Messages through the Web Client, Desktop App, or Mobile App ensuring good customer service wherever they are. At any point, agents can decide to elevate the chat to a phone call to provide even better customer service!



3CX private branch exchange (PBX) software is based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. The public switched telephone network (PSTN) or voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services are made available to extensions.

5 main advantages of 3CX phone systems for your company
  • Cost savings. Partnering with a 3CX phone provider is a great way to cut down on hardware, administration, and the costs of calls. 
  • Ease of use.
  • Security.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved collaboration.
In addition to phone service, 3CX also provides voice mail, fax, instant messaging, video conferencing, and unified communications out of the box. Since 3CX completely supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices, users may effortlessly log in using desktop or mobile devices.

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